Sunset Snokeling

There is no more incredible view, than Isla Mujeres at sunset. Our 3 hour sunset tours give you access to the best views of the Island, above and below water. 

Snokeling the beautiful reefs reveals a visual feast of colour full fish, rays & turtles. Back on the boat, cerveza in hand, you have the best sunset view on the island!

The sunset tour really is something special.

Musa + Bonus Location
5pm - 8pm
Everything Provided
American Guide
5 Star Reviews
Drinks & Snacks
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Isla Mujeres by Air

Isla Mujeres by Air

Our team work tirelessly to provide you an amazing experience, and to be fair, it's hard not to enjoy an island as beautiful as Isla Mujeres. The above is our drone video to wet your appetite. We will be releasing more soon!

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We have everything you require, from A grade snokeling masks and fins to safety our safety equipment.

We provide drinks and snacks for our guests, as well American tour guides guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  

Our snorkel tour takes you to the famous places, and also the secret ones other tours don't. We maximise time in water, and cap it off with fantastic guides.

All you need to do is have a great time!

  All snorkeling equipment

  The best snorkel locations

 Drinks & Snacks

 Fun Guaranteed!